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Upcoming Exhibition

Land and Symbiotic Futures



Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2024

Human relationships with lands and soils are deep and complex, sometimes based on listening and reciprocity, sometimes scarred by exploitation and toxicity. From colonization, war, and industrial agriculture, to reciprocity, stewardship, and respect; from minute microbial life to vast landscapes; lands and soils reflect choices to live in unity with, or in subjugation of the natural world.

We are interested in stories of land and soils and visions of the future, both ecological and cultural.
For this international online exhibition, WEAD seeks visual work and poetry/short literature that directly address these issues.

The Juror for visual images and video will be Maru Garcia. Maru García is a Mexican, LA-based artist/chemist working across art + science + environment.

The Juror for poetry/short literature: Kaylin Lemajeur
(Details for text-based entries will be posted very soon)

The Jurors will prioritize work that addresses issues and solutions.

WEAD (Women Eco Artists Dialog) will accept work in all media.

The show will have:
- a catalog
- artist presentations on zoom
- a panel with conservationists
- awards will be given

All women-identified artists and trans-identified artists are welcome to become members and apply.

Artist /Exhibition Juror Maru Garcia: Ground Dwellers is a group of bio-art in Petri dishes that incorporates a collection of microorganisms present in the soil where corn is cultivated. Corn is Mexico’s staple and single most important nutrition source. The conservation of these

micro-ecosystems assures future corn production, innovation in fertilizer creation and biological pest control.

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