Art and Activism Series

Past Events

In this web series we will discuss ways that artists actively engage in creating climate solutions and promoting sustainability.

No. 1: "The Art of Playing with the Rain"

A presentation by Christina Bertea

Dec. 7, 2020

Two compelling needs—to provide emergency water security, and to alleviate stormwater pollution, are making it imperative that the broader community adopt rainwater catchment strategies and manage stormwater constructively.


This presentation will explore how artists are making design innovations (and having fun) with rainwater capture and storage. We’ll also wade into some notable public art stormwater interventions.

No. 2: "Trash Talk"

A presentation by Kate Kuaimoku

Jan. 25, 2021

Trash art and artists, how they—and you—can repurpose otherwise discarded materials. Talk will focus on creating works using post-consumer waste. Themes are focused on, but not limited to, assemblage, signage, and eco-building materials.

No. 3 "Art as Verb: Collaborating with Nature"

A presentation by Stacy Levy

Feb. 22, 2021


Eco-Artist Stacy Levy collaborates with natural processes like rain, tides and erosion. This lecture will address how art can create ecological legibility as well as ecological solutions.


By embracing change, observing and mimicking the action of natural processes, art can begin to make real changes to the environment. She will show her many rain infiltration works as well as projects that mitigate water pollution and shoreline erosion.

No. 4: “Embodied Climate Justice: Dance as Connection"

A presentation by Sophie Spiral (they/them)

March 25, 2021


In this webinar session, Sophie Spiral presents some examples from the Masters Thesis they are currently writing to bridge the climate justice movement and dance theory worlds. In addition, they will share some practical activities of how to use embodiment to encourage a kind of BEing that will foster a transition away from fossil fuels to more socially, racially just and equitable systems.

No. 5- 'Artists: Essential Workers & Visionaries'

A presentation by Betsy Damon

April 29, 2021


Betsy’s talk will bring us along on her journey from eco-feminist performance artist (on Wall Street!) to passionate water activist currently creating a book, Water Talks. This is her story of how water led her to become conscious of the inter-connectedness of all life.

No. 6-  'Art as Strategy' 

A presentation by Aviva Rahmani

May 27, 2021


“I sometimes think of myself as a warrior against ecocide. Beauty is my shield but art, music, law, science and stubborn persistence are my weapons. In my event for WEAD, I will focus on two projects in depth, Ghost Nets (1990-2000), how it morphed into other work and a theory of change and The Blued Trees Symphony (2015-present). Both continue. The former restored a coastal town dump to flourishing wetlands on a remote island in Maine. The latter composed a continental scale aerial symphony out of tree-notes. It contested the interpretation of eminent domain law by claiming copyright protection for a sonified biogeographic installation and in a mock trial, won an injunction against a corporation..." - Aviva Rahmani