Art + Education No. 8

Love Letters to the Planet: Fifty Years of Making Art

Ann Savageau 

Dec. 4th, 2022 4:30 pm 5:30 pm

Ann Savageau is an environmental artist, activist, poet, educator and designer who creates mixed-media sculpture and installations. She will present samples of her work from her 50-year career as an artist. Her work deals with the natural world, human culture, and their intersection. She investigates global warming and environmental destruction. One goal that runs through everything she does is to bring out the hidden beauty of waste through artistic transformation, and to promote environmental stewardship through the creative reuse of post-consumer materials. Ann has worked individually as well as with fellow artists and concerned citizens from around the world to address pressing environmental and social justice issues. Ann’s most recent installation, Guardians, addresses multiple crises facing our planet.