The WEAD BOARD is looking for three or four new directors, now.  If interested please send a self-nominating email with a letter stating why; three recommendations, and a resume, noting any relevant special skills.


WEAD is a pioneering network of feminist eco­artists, educators, curators, and writers working toward the goal of a just and healthy world. We focus on women’s unique perspective in ecological and social justice art. ​


Board members are WEAD’s “worker bees”--dedicated, progressive women who keep the organization running. Vested in WEAD’s high value as a nonprofit service organization, Board committees collectively produce exhibits, outreach programs, membership events, and an acclaimed online art magazine.

You do not have to be an artist to be a Board Member.  You do need to be able to work well collectively.


  • To provide information regarding the ecoart and social justice art fields to artists, curators, writers, art and public art administrators, educators in art and ecology, cross-disciplinary professionals and others.

  • To facilitate international networking among artists working with ecological and social justice issues.

  • To further the fields of, and the understanding of environmental and social justice art.

The time commitment is two years minimum, meeting every other month.  In between months committees meet. Each Board member selects at least one committee (or special project) to work on:  Fundraising, Exhibitions, Magazine, Website + Outreach, and Nominations. Current openings include exhibition and website/social media committees (among others).  Most meetings are in the East Bay; some in SF and/or North Bay.

For questions, please contact:


Co-founder/Chair Susan Leibovitz Steinman

Email:  steinmanstudio[at]gmail.com


Administrative Director Krystle Ahmadyar