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Art and Healing Series

Past Events

In this web series we explore the intersections of art and healing.

No. 6-  "Healing the Earth: A pilgrimage of how I got to where I am "

A presentation by Fern Shaffer

February 18, 2024

Q&A Recording

Fern Shaffer is an American painter, performance artist, lecturer and environmental advocate. Her work arose in conjunction with an emerging Ecofeminism movement that brought together environmentalism, feminist values and spirituality to address shared concern for the Earth and all forms of life. She first gained widespread recognition for a four-part, shamanistic performance cycle, created in collaboration with photographer Othello Anderson in 1985. Writer and critic Suzi Gablik praised their work for its rejection of the technocratic, rationalizing mindset of modernity, in favor of communion with magic, the mysterious and primordial, and the soul. Gablik featured Shaffer's Winter Solstice (1985) as the cover art for her influential book, The Reenchantment of Art, and wrote that the ritual opened "a lost sense of oneness with nature and an acute awareness of ecosystem" that offered "a possible basis for reharmonizing our out-of-balance relationship with nature. Shaffer is also known for feminist and ecology-themed paintings that critics have described as romantic, dizzying and panoramic, spiritual, and capable of combining the scientific, personal and universal.


No. 5-  "The New Paradigm Shift: Heart-healing Quantum Journey "

A presentation by Dezi Soley and Ev Marquee

February 11, 2021

No. 4-  "Full Moon, Full Body Shine "

A presentation by Dezi Soley and Ev Marquee

November 30, 2020

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