WEAD accepts new members on an on-going basis.  We have two types of members: Arts Professional and General Membership. All members are invited to WEAD events.


Arts Professional membership is for women identified artists, writers, and curators only. Arts Professionals can create a WEAD Directory artist listing which includes uploading 10 photos, an artist statement, video, social media links. These members are part of the WEAD search engine found on the Directory page, are able to post events by submitting them via email. and use WEAD's Artist Lightbox.


We accepts new listings and corrections on an on-going basis. Eligible women are encouraged to submit an entry.  Bi-lingual entries are welcome.  Your entry will appear exactly as you prepare it, although our editorial staff reserves the right to edit entries for clarity. (We do not process images.) .

  • First: Prepare 5-10 images of your artwork in jpg format at 530 pixel width and an artist statement that describes your work and activist strategies.

  • Second: Register and pay membership dues. Click Here to Join

  • Third: Upload your listing and wait 2-3 days for your listing to show up in the directory


We review submissions to ensure that they are not commercial and that they fit under the broad umbrella of our mission statement in order to be posted on the website.


General Membership is for art supporters of all genders. General members can post events by submitting them through email and use WEAD’s Lightbox.

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