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WEAD Magazine Series

Past Events
No. 1-  "The Art of Empathy: In Conversation with Reiko Goto and Tim Collins"

A presentation with Reiko Goto and Tim Collins

November 20, 2022 

Celebrate the launch of WEAD Magazine Issue 13: The Art of Empathy. Join distinguished artists Reiko Goto & Tim Collins in conversation as they discuss over 30 years of empathetic ecoart strategies and collaborations.

WEAD is proud to honor an artist for whom “empathy” has been the light motif of 30+ years of well-researched, yet intuitive, ecoart projects– Reiko Goto. Born in Japan, her ecoart practice began in the San Francisco Bay Area where she earned an MFA at the SF Art Institute and met her collaborating partner, Tim Collins. After several successful Bay Area projects (solo and together) they moved to Pittsburgh PA as ecoart teachers and researchers at the Carnegie Institute. There they produced two important urban projects, Nine Mile Run and 3 Rivers 2nd Nature. About 10 years ago they relocated to Scotland, as equal principals in the Collins and Goto Studio, Glasgow. There they continue ecological research and produce art installations related to listening to trees (Plein Air), nature in the cities, and critical forest art practice, among others. They are important authors and lecturers. Personally, Reiko has been a good friend to WEAD– one of our first members, exhibiting work in WEAD shows, and writing earlier essays for this Magazine. Reiko is globally appreciated by peers, friends, flora, fauna and inanimate nature, for her true empathy, compassionate intellect, aesthetic mastery, and visible love of all life. Reiko is an outstanding representative of “The Art of Empathy.” WEAD thanks her.


No. 2-  "The Art of Empathy: A Conversation with Dominique Mazeaud, Ruth Wallen, and Jane Chin Davidson"

December 18, 2022 

To launch Wead Magazine Issue #13, artists Dominique Mazeaud and Ruth Wallen joined art historian Jane Chin Davidson in a conversation about their contributions to #13. They discussed performance, aesthetics, politics, and the history of their work in empathy, their affective rapport with all living things, inclusive humans and non-humans, sharing affinity with communities of living organisms of all kinds. For seventeen years, Dominique has been engaging in performance rituals with the environment and Ruth has brought her background in the sciences to connect empathically with trees. Jane has been researching these connections that were presented in her article.


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