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Emotional Numbness
The Impact of War on Ecosystems

September 18 - October 16, 2020

Platform 3

Shahamati Alley, Tehran, IR

THIS EXHIBITION FOCUSES ON THE IMPACT OF WAR on environments and on inhabitants of war zones. Recent escalating tensions between Iran and the United States are creating an increase in anxiety about potential war between the countries. Thus, the goal of the exhibition is to create a platform to share, meet, discuss, and cross borders by exhibiting art. We believe art has the ability to affect perceptions, develop meaningful dialogue, and bring awareness about critical issues to the public.

The exhibition features the anthropocene epoch, emphasizing the impact of war globally with unlimited geographical boundaries. The artists respond directly to personal experiences of war, or as inherited from their families, or as an environmental researcher. The exhibition includes a variety of different mediums representing the unprecedented time, and references many challenges–such as immigration, displacement, racial justice, history’s mistakes, human psyche and the invisible enemy COVID-19.

PLATFORM 3 IS A GALLERY THAT WAS ESTABLISHED in Tehran, Iran, in 2017.  It has an unconventional approach to art and artists. One of its main concerns is to introduce emerging artists living in Iran. Platform 3 has a sophisticated approach to connect artists and society by providing various facilities to artists, researchers and sociologists to communicate between different disciplines and the artistic community.



Alice Dubiel, Alicia Escott, Andree Singer Thompson , Annie Albagli, Artists Beyond Boundaries, Azin Seraj, Carol Newborg, Charmaine Lurch, Christina Bertea, Elizabeth Kenneday, Farzaneh Najafi, Gazelle Samizay & Labkhand Olfatmanesh, Gem Beila Rosenberg, Jeanne Wilkinson, Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang, Kamala Platt, Katya Grokhovsky, Laura Phelps Rogers, Mana Salehi, Marguerite Elliot, Mary B. White, Michele Pred, Michelle Echenique, Michelle Waters, Nadia Skordopoulou, Nanette Wylde, Nazli Abbaspour, Nooshin Naficy, Revital Katznelson, Rosie Pascoe, Roya Ebtehaj, Salma Arastu, Sara Madandar, Sharon Siskin, Shirin Khalatbari, Sholeh Asgary, Sue Hettmansperger, Tammy West, Verona Fonte

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