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Art on the Edge
From Extraction to Restoration and Regeneration Part I

September 18-October 24, 2022

Gallery Route One

Point Reyes Station, CA

WEAD is contributing two exhibits to the nationwide project: EXTRACTION, Art on the Edge of the Abyss. 

The extensive EXTRACTION project is being produced independently within nearly 100 art spaces nationwide, between 2019-2022, with the purpose of focusing awareness and action on the overuse of Earth's resources. For more details:

Extraction covers a wide range of subjects: industrial agriculture of crops or animals; open-pit or deep-shaft mining; massive driftnet or trawling fisheries; clear-cutting forests; fossil fuels; water resources; etc. We encourage work that addresses restorative solutions to the problems created by extraction in its many forms

Image Gallery


Collaboration with WEAD

Jane Ingram Allen

Christina Bertea

Caroline Landau

Judith Selby Lang

Margaret LeJeune

Linda R. MacDonald

Renee Owen

Nancy Peluso

Bonnie Peterson

Mie Preckler

Lorna Stevens

Vickie Jo Sowell

Jane Skafte

Andree Singer Thompson

Bambi Waterman

Tammy West

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