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Art on the Edge
From Extraction to Restoration and Regeneration Part II

October 9, 2021-January 9, 2022

Peninsula Museum of Art

The Shops at Tanforan, San Bruno, CA

Curatorial Statement:

Welcome to the second group show in our new space at Tanforan, presented in
collaboration with WEAD, (Women EcoArtists Dialog). Peninsula Museum of Art is
proud to present this special exhibition featuring 38 WEAD member artists, filling our
space with art reflecting their reactions to the complex issues of Extraction and some
alternatives to excessive consumption of Earth's natural resources.

In these works we experience a wide palette of responses to the situation: an intimate
examination of the immense beauty that surrounds us; rage, irony and dark humor in
the face of abuse, an optimism that Nature will self-heal given the chance, humorous
and serious suggestions for recycling of resources - and more. The artists’ concerns
are expressed in an equally wide variety of media: from painting to photography,
collage, assemblage, sculpture and small scale installations. We offer thanks to those
whose work expresses such a strong commitment to the responsible use of the natural
material which the Earth provides. It was a rewarding experience to be able to select
pieces which most forcefully responded to the theme.


Climate change, directly linked to extraction, is a reality we are all experiencing first-
hand. Peninsula Museum of Art strongly believes that art and artists have an important

role to play in expressing the full range of human emotions prompted by these ongoing
extreme weather emergencies. We hope this exhibition engages you to think about it
in new, different and perhaps inspired ways. The show is a call to action as well as a
deep reflection.

The extensive EXTRACTION project is being produced independently within at least 46
art spaces nationwide between 2019-2022, with the purpose of focusing awareness
and action on the overuse of Earth's resources and efforts to remediate - or change
practices. For more details, please visit


Collaboration with WEAD

Alicia Escott

Eliza Evans

Julia Feldman

Regina Gilligan

Stephanie Garon

Linda Gass

Tanja Geis

Amy Hibbs

Betsy Jaeger

Caroline Landau

Margaret LeJeune

Stacy Levy

Toni Littlejohn

Linda MacDonald

Constance Merriman

t.c. moore

Bonnie Peterson

Ann Schnake

Pallavi Sharma

Sharon Siskin

Vickie Jo Sowell

Lorna Stevens

Ruth Tabancay

Eliza Thomas

Anna Vaughan

Michele Waters

Melissa West

Tammy West

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