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EcoArt: Envisioning Strategies and Solutions

February 3-March 25, 2023

Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA

Interactive and often playful, these socially-engaged Eco-artworks offer inspiring visions, strategies, and solutions to help our communities build resilience for our changing climate. Each of these widely accomplished Bay Area artists have created ecological projects in service to the world beyond the gallery: working to restore habitats, advance climate justice, and honor grief. Several are games that help us solve regional issues; others combine play, work, and education to restore beaches, riparian habitats, and redwood forests.  


Collaboration between WEAD and Art Works Downtown

Curated by Deanna Pindell
Michele Guieu

Janette Kim

Lauren Elder

Juniper Harrower

Kent Manske

Nanette Wylde

Daniel McCormick

Mary O’Brien

Zach Pine

Sharon Siskin

Lisa Zimmer-Chu

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