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feminist tEChnOart

curated by Praba Pilar, Danielle Siembieda and Isabella La Rocca

Anker_Remote Sensing 36_4500x3000ppi.jpg

REMOTE SENSING (36), Suzanne Ankar, 2016.

ARTISTS: Kite, Elizabeth Demaray,Lynn Mowson, Suzanne Anker, micha cárdenas, Dornith Doherty, Maria Paz Gutierrez


Over millennia, human beings have co-evolved with the technologies they’ve developed from planetary material, from tool making to managing water systems to nuclear energy. These technologies have had vastly asymmetrical impacts, as the balance of incalculable benefits and damages are not explicitly categorical. What has been astonishing is the rapid acceleration of technological developments and adoption across the globe over the last few decades, and the resulting social and political changes and how they impact daily life. Taken with the urgent calls for mitigating catastrophic climate change described in the 2018 Special Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we are at a crossroads on how we engage the interdependence among all organisms on Earth. In this upcoming online exhibition, WEAD focuses on cis and trans women artists who utilize technology in their art practices to further an ambitious dialogue on change.

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