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WEAD 2022 End of Year Accomplishments

  • Produced and published online WEAD MAGAZINE, ISSUE # 13, The Art of Empathy 

  • Hosted two online presentations by selected authors to celebrate No. 13.

  • Began the upgrade of the Artists Directory website, under direction of Outreach Committee Chair Tanja Geis.

  • Received a grant from the Alameda County Arts Council for $2700 to help with the Artists Directory archive upgrade, with special thanks to grant writer, Board Member Deanna Pindell.

  • Created nine online presentations by members archived on our website addressing Art + Activism and Art + Education and archived on WEADs YouTube channel.

  • Hosted online Art Share event for members. 

  • Created two membership exhibitions: The Power of Empathy, Juried Virtual Membership Exhibition and Art through Action: Restoration and Regeneration, Bioneers Exhibition.

  • Hosted one online Exhibiting Artists Presentations by artists included in the on line exhibition, with another presentation planned for January 2023.

  • Mentored five amazing talented art history majors interns from CSU San Bernardino.

  • Updated WEADs YouTube channel with easily accessible recordings of all WEAD’s recent online programming.

  • Welcomed new staff member Anna McGaraghan, marine biologist/artist, to work miracles with magazine production and membership.

  • Bid a grateful farewell to our departing staff member Krystle Ahmadyar, who moved on to focus on music after working with WEAD for 12 years.

  • Welcomed Artist/Activist Karina Morado to the Board and the Membership Committee. 

  • Revived our WEAD Advisory Board, with former WEAD Board member Pamela Blotner.

  • Appreciated a “working” Board who have all spent many many hours to further WEAD’s mission.

  • Raised $500.00 for the Andree Singer Thompson Membership Scholarship to start in 2023

  • Collaborated with Eco Art Matters, a Laney College class, on various events.

  • Produced twelve monthly newsletters and goal of featuring more Member events in 2023 mailings



2023 Plans

  • Publish new upgraded Artist Directory with more search and profile capabilities, and expanded Legacy section

  • Start working on Magazine #14 with plans to print hard copy of various past issues

  • Partner with an Alabama WEAD member to organize a 2023 exhibition on regional water issues in the Southern US.

  • Prepare for more regional and international  exhibition and event partnerships, including Bioneers 2023.

  • Publish new upgraded Artist Directory with more search and profile capabilities, and expanded Legacy section

  • Launch Art + Science online series

  • Lift up the voices of underheard eco artist/activists from Africa, Asia and Mid East.

  • Mentor female and non binary voices entering the eco art/social justice fields.

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