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Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, California


LOVE, Jenny Balisle, Shotgun shells.

THEME: Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we can see the traces humans leave—from magnificent art, architecture, and monuments to strip mines, desertified lands, plastic clogged oceans and nuclear waste. But are there traces of influence and action specific to female identified humans? If so, how do we experience female traces? We can trace a lineage of women who bravely “kicked over the traces,” defying the harness of cultural norms and prejudices to demand the right to vote, to equal pay, to shatter the glass ceiling, and ultimately to demand the right of their children and children’s children, onward, to survive as a species on a life-sustaining planet. This exhibition seeks artwork which represent the traces of female agency, action and thought.

This is a regional, greater San Francisco Bay Area, curated exhibition of current WEAD member artists. All work must be hand delivered. No shipped artworks. Interested artists responding to this initial call will receive application instructions via email response. Below is the exhibition’s current timeline. It is possible that this timeline will be shifted into the future due to the COVID 19 crisis. 

Exhibition Title: Traces, Women Eco Artists Dialog
Exhibition Location: Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, California
Exhibition Dates: January 14–March 20, 2021
Exhibition Reception: Saturday, March 20, 2021, afternoon time TBD
Artwork Delivery: Monday, January 4 or 11, 10–12pm (TBD)
Artwork Pickup: Saturday, March 20, 2021, at close of reception (5:30 pm ish), not before
How Work is Selected: Curated from the WEAD directory by the WEAD curation team. 

Instructions for submitting work will be emailed to those who indicate their interest. See below.

About this exhibition space: The Village Theatre Art Gallery is a City of Danville municipal space. It is used for a wide range of performance events, workshop space for kids and adults, and a meeting space. It consist of two rooms which are the theatre’s lobby. Wall hung work in any media and three dimensional work are acceptable. Very large works may be too large for this venue. Artwork does not need to be for sale. If work does sell it is a 60/40 (artist/gallery) split. The gallery requests work that is not overtly political, although it recognizes and appreciates WEAD’s mission. Thus, subtle is the operative word here.

Venue Website:

Current WEAD artists interested in having their work considered for this exhibition must email to: by October 21, 2020. Instructions will follow.

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