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The Politics of Empathy

WEAD invites submissions from artists, critics, art historians, feminist thinkers, and relevant writers to address a range of issues from multi-species empathy to climate-change apathy.  

We seek essays revealing the strategies of artists who employ the empathetic approach to all living things, inclusive of humans and non-humans, sharing affinity with communities of living organisms.   On the other end of the spectrum, we also want to learn about artists who have challenged, resisted, and exposed the apathy of non-action and environmental destruction.

ISSUE 13’s  Featured Artist will be artist and scholar Reiko Goto Collins. Over several decades her research-based experiential projects have explored the shared environment of humans and others.  Goto’s practice of being reveals an evolving subjectivity, a sense of shared becoming with non-human others.  In earlier work, Goto’s empathetic exchange with trees represents an exemplary form of eco-art practice.  Her imaginative approach to the climate crisis is a distinct model for an effective implementation of emotional action.  She creates both unique solo works, and with her partner Timothy Collins, long-term collaborations.


The aim of this special issue is to expand our comprehension, and emphasize the critical need for Politics of Empathy in view of the precariousness of all life in this climate generation.



  1. Send proposal to with subject line: Magazine 13 Proposal

  2. An outline or description of the proposed article of no more than 1000 words.

  3. Three hi definition images of the project(s). 

  4. Author biography and your CV (if available)

  5. If previously published, send complete article with published information.



  1. May 2: Proposals due to

  2. May 23: Notification of acceptance.

  3. July 25: Articles due

  4. October: Magazine Launch


  1. 2,000 to 3,000 words in WEAD format (will be sent to accepted authors)

  2. 10 or more excellent high definition images

  3. For Directory Listing: 10 photos of Author’s artwork and artist statement. 


Published authors receive an one year membership to WEAD and $100 honorarium. 

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