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WEAD 2023 End of Year Accomplishments

  • Received a 2024-26 grant from the California Arts Council

  • Launched the exhibition: EcoArt: Envisioning Strategies and Solutions, including artist/curator discussion, in collaboration with  Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, 
    Curator WEAD Board Member Deanna Pindell.

  • Created Exhibit/Workshop at the annual Bioneers Conference: Collect Every Drop: Rain Barrel, in collaboration with Eco Art Matters students from Laney College, Oakland

  • Launched WEAD online WEAD membership exhibition: Kinship with Birds in Flight and Plight, with three artist presentations and printed on-demand catalog of the exhibition.

  • Worked with CSUSB interns to prepare the files for  two printed on-demand publications: catalog for Kinship with Birds and Magazine Issue 13. 

  • Produced 10 presentations for ongoing  Lecture series

  • Launched new Art + Science series with two presentations featuring Mallery Quetawki and Nina Sokolov

  • Continued Art + Activism with four presentations featuring  Betsy Damon, Cheryl Derricotte

  • Continued Art + Education Web Series, with four presentations featuring Charla Elizabeth, Cynthia Brannvall, Lorraine Bonner, and Linda Weitraub

  • 1400 subscribers to newsletter

  • 2023 our website had 3386 visitors

  • 616 published portfolios on the WEAD Directory

  • Gave 6 scholarships from the Andree Singer Thompson Scholarship Fund


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