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WEAD focuses on women’s unique perspective in ecological and social justice art.


PLEIN AIR, 2019, North Carolina, Reiko Goto Collins

Browse local and international women identified eco artists

Art + Education No. 11

Trust and Transformation: Lorraine Bonner

June 25, 2023 5-6pm PST

Lorraine shares how art enabled her to bear witness to her own pain, and expanded that witness to the healing of the traumatized world.

Art+Education No. 11 Loraine Bonner.png

Art + Activism No. 15

Your Voice - Your Art: Cheryl Derricotte

July 23, 2023 5-6pm PST

Your Voice – Your Art Artist Cheryl Derricotte will discuss how her societal concerns weave together her body of work.

#15-WEAD Art + Activism.jpg
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