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ReikoGoto_If I were a pigeon 1.jpg

Reiko Goto, If I Were a Pigeon, Japan, 1992. Photo Credit Tim Collins

A computer graphic (38”x23”) combining a pigeon and the artist’s faces


The Power of Empathy

WEAD, Women Eco Artists Dialog, seeks art which highlights the power of empathy as we explore paths through the environmental and social-justice challenges that confront our world. This includes compassion for all living beings: human and more-than-human, individuals and communities of living organisms of all forms of sentience. 

What might an empathetic world look like? How can we inspire recognition and kindness, transcending the fear of Others, and assumptions of human exceptionalism? How do we summon compassion in times of great difficulty? How can we resist apathy, and help others to resist? How do we cultivate empathy? 


The juror will be the internationally recognized artist Tanja Geis, 


This exhibition complements WEAD's annual Magazine edition #13 'The Politics of Empathy', to be published online Fall 2022. 


For this online international exhibit, we will be selecting art that directly addresses the 

theme of the power of empathy. We especially seek work that demonstrates solutions or inspires connectivity, inclusiveness, and the othering of no one. 

Deadline for Entries Oct 1 2022  
Notification of Jury Results Nov 1 2022  
Show Date Nov 15 2022 thru Jan 31 2023

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WEAD (Women Eco Artists Dialog) requires that you be a paid WEAD member ($45 annual fee) to apply to this

membership show.  

Membership application:

If you are already a member, please make certain your 2022 dues have been paid by Oct. 1, 2022.

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All women-identified and trans-identified artists are welcome. 

Scholarships may be available for those in need, please ask.