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The Complete Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide to Check Out Today

Purchasing a good pressure washer is not as easy as selecting the model with the most lengthy cable or most sturdy hose – many different factors go into your purchase, some of which you may not even notice as you buy your first power washer.

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1. The pressure

The pressure, expressed in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) that your machine produces is not a full scale of “higher is better.” Sometimes, excessively high pressure can harm the surface that you are attempting to clean and may even strip off grime in an unpleasant way that removes some of the original surfaces as well.

This is particularly crucial on blended-material surfaces – although outdoor brick walls can take up plenty of pressure. Wooden fences or glass windows may not hold together under such conditions, and it you can break something by chance even when you do not aim the spray gun straight at it.

Moreover, there are times that the opposite may be true. Lower pressures may not be adequate for washing off specific types of stains, and you will eventually make it wetter without getting anything clean.

That is why finding a decent balance of pressure (or looking for a washer that lets you adjust the pressure, if possible) will help you avoid these problems, particularly if you have managed to identify some efficient nozzles that make it simpler to aim the spray.

2. Versatility

While several people will just need a quality pressure washer for one or two specific jobs, others may want to rely on a general-purpose device that can handle anything type of job. Because not every manufacturer builds power washers with that much versatility in mind, you should try and determine your best fit, without relying too heavily on the information you are able to get from the manufacturers.

Pressure washers with different nozzles are, most of the time, more adaptable when compared to those without them. Furthermore, some will even come with an additional water tank or hose for spraying detergent-mixed water or detergents.

However, it would be worthwhile to note that the more features they have, the more complex the device can get; thus, it is best to try and pay attention to selecting something all-round and still within the level of your skill at the same time. The more complicated it is, the less suitable the machine will be for fast washing work.

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3. Compatibility

Some power washers rely on attachment mounts and standard nozzles, which can function well with much optional equipment. Meanwhile, others may be intended for use on particular tools exclusively. It can be problematic when you need to connect the machine to a different type of electrical outlet or attach a different turbo nozzle, and there may even be a few situations that using the washer appropriately is not possible as it is not compatible with your water tanks or any power source.

Also, soap can be another issue – not every pressure washer is built to use soap, and not all product constructions will support various ways to add detergents. For instance, a design that enables you to put it directly into the tank may fail to support a second tank and the other way round.

If you add detergents improperly (or appropriately, but putting the wrong type of soap), you may risk harming your washer’s internal working. It could result in your machine breaking down in the worst-case scenario, something which you would want to avoid.

Sometimes, you can get around such limitations by leveraging a separate tool, like a soap nozzle or standalone spray gun. Yet, these will not be freely accessible all the time and can accommodate more space compared to the washer by itself.


Hopefully, the guide above helps with your choice of Top Rated Pressure Washer for your needs and wants. Do you have thoughts or related questions? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section down below.

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