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Karina Morado is a Salvadoran activist and community builder from the San Francisco Bay Area. As the child of Salvadoran immigrants she developed cross-functional communication skills from an early age and uses those skills to bridge the gap for community stakeholders. Karina’s lifelong advocacy for improving working conditions and processes was directly influenced by her observations of the improved working conditions for housekeeping staff after her mother and aunt’s workplace organized a union in the 90s. Later on in life, while working at the State Bar of California, she was nominated by a colleague to volunteer as a Union Shop Steward and Executive Board Member for SEIU Local 1000, which helped to develop her skills in advocacy and interpersonal relations. After years of working professionally, she is returning to school via Laney College with sights set on bolstering her advocacy skills, exploring her artistic side, and developing friendships with folks who are passionate about building community and advocacy for social justice causes.

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