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WEAD focuses on women’s unique perspective in ecological and social justice art.


PLEIN AIR, 2019, North Carolina, Reiko Goto Collins

Browse local and international women identified eco artists


EcoArt: Envisioning Strategies and Solutions

February 3 - March 25, 2023  

Reception  March 10

Curator: Deanna Pindell

Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA



Art + Science No. 1

Nina Sokolov - Artistic Musings of a Disease Ecologist
March 19, 5-6PM

Nina Sokolov is a disease ecologist who fell in love with the world of insects when she started to draw them. With a microscope and a pen, she began studying pinned specimens from museum collections and becoming familiar with the anatomy of insects. Nina is getting her Ph.D. in biology at UC Berkeley where she studies bees and their viruses to understand how diseases can be contributing to declines of these important pollinators In this talk Nina will discuss how she uses art in her science today to learn about the species she’s studying, to communicate her findings to scientists and to the public, and getting people excited about insect conservation. Nina will also do a live digital drawing demonstration of a bee along with a Q&A so that audience members can follow along and ask any questions they have about art, science, or bees.

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